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Name:-       Greenhalgh Tannery Pty. Ltd.

Est:-            1865

Location:-   Haddon, (Ballarat) Victoria 3351 


bulletProfessional tanners of the highest quality vegetable tanned leathers. bulletSpecializing in saddlery and craft leathers. bulletSpecialist tanners of your own hides and skins for rugs.

From humble beginnings in the 1800's, through the boom times of the gold rush on the Ballarat goldfields and up to the present, leather produced at the Haddon site, on the outskirts of Ballarat, has been renown for its quality, versatility and strength.

Today the firm still uses genuine crushed wattle bark for its tanning medium. Obtained from the Western districts of Victoria and Southern tablelands of New South Wales. The only tannery in Australia if not the world still using this traditional method. The use of wattle bark for tanning was the early traditional method used by tanneries Australia wide. Today those tanneries rely either on imported Mimosa or chemical alternatives.

With the introduction of new technologies and mechanization both the quality and quantity of leather production has improved world wide. We at Greenhalgh Tannery have embraced much of these improvements while continuing to have a very much hands on approach to our production, ensuring only the highest quality leather is produced.

With over 130 years experience and five generations of Greenhalgh's tanning leather, we assure all our customers of our ongoing commitment to quality and customer service.

The tannery has a Showroom at its site in Haddon, which is open Monday - Friday; 8am - 5.30pm.

Alternately we have an Australia wide mail order and road freight facility available. International clients are catered for by individual arrangement.